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PIGMENTO® is a colored QUARTZ-ZINC® that can enhance a project’s beauty while enriching the innovations of architectural design. PIGMENTO is currently available in four shades: green, red, blue, and brown.

The surface of QUARTZ-ZINC is glazed with mineral color pigments to produce PIGMENTO. The visible and natural texture of QUARTZ-ZINC will remain. The astonishing result is a distinctive shine that offers the deep texture of a natural material with the wide palette of man-made colors. Color identity between batches are only slightly managed, allowing for variations.

Remaining true to its origins, PIGMENTO maintains the random heterogeneity only a natural material can offer while its durable pigments can extend the QUARTZ-ZINC lifespan. Over time, the pigments of PIGMENTO will fade to reveal the natural beauty of QUARTZ-ZINC.

All PIGMENTO materials are delivered with a removable protective film to minimize fingerprints, scratches, and contamination.

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