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Introduction to Bardek®

Bardek® structural profile steel deck is an advanced composite metal deck which was developed in the 21st century. Through continuous effort invested in the product development, Bardek® keeps the major advantages of the traditional re-entrance profile metal deck while further improves the effectiveness under construction stage, permanent composite stage and in fire resistance.

Bardek® is developed to improve the flexibility and efficiency of the building design. Its major values to our client are stated below.

  • Large spanning capacity in construction stage

  • Superior shear bond performance in composite stage, i.e., superior load carrying capacity

  • No bottom fire reinforcement is required in fire limit state

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Flat soffit, nice ceiling appearance

  • Integral grid hanger system

Bardek® is an efficient structural deck that will be one of the best choice in engineers' floor slab system in structural steel building, even in the reinforced concrete building.

Bardek® Profile

Bardek® has two models - BD40 and BD65. The nominal dimensions of the two models are shown in 
Fig 1 and Fig 2 respectively. Bardek® profiled steel deck acts as both formwork and reinforecement system in a composite concrete slab construction. BD65 usually adopted in one-way span while BD40 can be adopted in both one-way and two-way slab.

When assembled, between every interlocked side-lap ribs, there are two fully enclosed ribs which are stitched together ensuring that the gaps of the ribs remain closed during construction. The soffit of the completed slab is flat which is aesthetically pleasant.

                        Fig. 1









                        Fig. 2




Bardek® profiled steel deck is roll-formed from high-tensile strength steel which is hot-dip zinc coated and chromate-passivated. The commonly used bare metal thickness are 0.75mm, 0.91mm, 1.00mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm. The minimum tensile stress of the steel is ranged from 300Mpa to 550Mpa which conforms to both ASTM A653 and AS 1397. Coating class of Z275 is commonly adopted. For servere environment, state-of-art coating system can be chosen upon request. Please consult our sales department.

  • Bardek® - Avaliable materials :

​Bardek BD 40

Bardek BD 65

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