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Surface Finishes and Colour Coating

Colour coated aluminium offers you a whole range of options for adding colour to architecture

Broad spectrum of standard and special colour
From shining bright colour to discreet metallic sheen - the broad range of colour has something to satisfy everyone. Colour is particularly important to create an aesthetic effect. Paints are applied in two to four layers (depending on the colour) using the continuous coil coating process and are than stove-enameled. 
Customers' highly personalized requirements can also be taken into account for orders above 500m2. We could be pleased to send you our current chart and original colour samples on request.


Permanently weatherproof and low maintenance

DURO has proven their worth even in extreme climate zones - this is reflected in long life and low maintenance costs. The coating is resistant to UV light and chalking. It is also resistant to embrittlement from the effects of light and weathering and is dirt repellent. In order to provide additional protection against corrosion, the reverse is provided with a transparent protective lacquer. It is also easy to maintain - the surfaces can be cleaned easily without need for harmful agents.

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