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About Lysaght (來實)
In 1857, 25-year-old Irishman John Lysaght first saw the potential in corrugated iron sheeting and started exporting it to Australia under the trademark “Orb”. Since then, Lysaght products have helped shape the nation: from iconic corrugated roofs to large commercial and industrial projects.
Our diverse product range now includes roofing and walling, gutters and downpipes, purlins, fences, structural formwork and home improvement products. As a division of BlueScope we can rely on the backing and support of Australia’s largest steelmaker. Our quality products, including industry-favourite brands such as CUSTOM ORB®(波紋板), KLIP-LOK®(暗扣板) and BONDEK®(結構樓承板) are made from leading brands like COLORBOND®(潔面恒麗®板) and ZINCALUME® steel(鍍鋁鋅鋼板).
Made from high-tensile steel(高強拉力綱) comply to Australian standard, our products are extensively performance-tested, come with a BlueScope(博思格) warranty, and offer our customers confidence and peace of mind. Our quality proprietary steel products are only part of our unique offer. Our people are located in over 30 locations throughout Australia and are always ready to assist. It’s our commitment to delivering genuine, helpful customer service, and an unmatched technical support and expertise that has helped us become the trusted experts and industry leaders.
For 150 years, our customers have relied on us as the trusted experience in steel.


Structural Decking (結構樓承板系統)
  • Bondek II
  • Powerdek
  • W-Dek
Steel Cladding (坑板/ 壓型鋼板/ 屋面板)
  • Trimdek 
  • Spandek
  • Kliplok(暗扣板)
  • Prestige Panel(平板)
  • Custom Orb(波紋板)
  • Lock Seam(直立鎖邊板)
Purlin and Girt (結構檩條系統)
Color Coating
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