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Natural Zinc by VMZINC

Natural Zinc by VMZINC® With its glossy silver and smooth mill finish, VMZINC®’s classic line of Natural Zinc is showcased in architectural designs dating back to the late nineteenth century. Often used in a variety of construction applications that include roofing and walls, Natural Zinc’s durability is one reason for VMZINC’s long history of success with this product.

Over time, Natural Zinc’s surface will naturally weather from its lustrous shine to a beautifully textured matte-grey patina. While weathering characteristics can vary with geographical conditions, the zinc surface transformation allows for dynamic and striking results.

The aesthetically pleasing patina also provides environmental protection to the material, making zinc a durable solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Natural Zinc’s outstanding durability has been well-documented over time. In Europe, many examples of zinc roofs lasting for more than 100 years can be found. With proper installation, the hardiness of the natural zinc paired with the protective effects of the patina are why zinc roofs or walls have such a long life.

While marks can occasionally appear on zinc surfaces that are unexposed to rain or are not regularly rinsed, such superficial marks do not reduce the material’s lifespan.

Natural Zinc is the zinc that nature intended.

For installations in which a visible weathering process is not desired, a different VMZINC product should be considered and selected.

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