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With its dark velvety characteristics, ANTHRA-ZINC® offers a unique VMZINC® stone-like finish that is capable of blending with various materials, such as black slate.This finish is accomplished by treating Natural Zinc with a surface treatment process. This process is closely controlled to ensure a specific range of color variances on the luminance scale. ANTHRA-ZINC is not a painted product, so the color variations between batches achieve the intended appearance of stone rather than metal.

As with Natural Zinc, based on the type of installation, surface exposure to weather, and geographical conditions, ANTHRA-ZINC may slowly and gradually lighten over time to dark grey. Superficial surface scratches and marks will be covered by the natural grey patina. ANTHRA-ZINC’s patina enforces zinc’s long-lasting reputation by ensuring low-maintenance durability while protecting the material’s surface from environmental forces.

While white marks can occasionally appear on zinc surfaces that are unexposed to rain or are not regularly rinsed, such superficial marks do not reduce the material’s lifespan.If the zinc that nature intended does not match your color scheme, get ANTHRA-ZINC.


All ANTHRA-ZINC materials are delivered with a removable protective film to minimize fingerprints, scratches, and contamination.

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